Model: TSMS-165-24T ~ TSMS-305-48T


outer diameter: Ø160mm~Ø355mm

hole size: Ø16mm~Ø30mm

teeth: 18T~80T

proper working speed: 2000rpm~6000rpm


optional screen printing or laser marking

optional Teflon coating


Product Features:

1. multi-purpose cutting on various material: wood, plastic, aluminum, copper, iron, steel, wood with embedded nail.

2. high-rotation-speed cutting: special designed to work for saws with no-load speed round 4500 rpm, suitable for most existing saws without any update on machine.

3. one speed cutting on different material: no need for speed adjustment function or 2 running speed on device.

4. wide application: fit to mount on most existing saws including circular saw, mitre saw, sliding mitre saw, table saw, mitre saw with upper table, etc.

5. benefit to motor: easy cutting, reduce loading on motor and extend the saw life.

6. perfect cutted surface: no bur or flash, suitable for high-quality cutting


Video of multi-purpose cutting Sawblade